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Top 5 of Punjabi Indian songs.

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Here is the Top 5 of Punjabi Indian songs on songs casa! Top list of punjabi indian songs for portal for December 2019 with link on this site! Punjabi song performed by Ki Manga Punjabi song Hath...

We are the former portal! Welcome!

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Welcome to see new video by songs tk named Dil Todeya! A few month ago this portal was songs tk or tk songs. Now we are portal! Welcome everyone! Here is the most viewed songs from portal songs tk and s...

Welcome to the Songs.Casa!

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Hi, Dears! Welcome to the Indian Songs portal! Here is the most popular india hindi songs! Also we want to introduce You the album of the most popular india songs. You can see here good song indian, indian hindi s...

The worst false start.

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The worst false start of the year! Here is the worst false start of the year during a race … the poor!

China sidewalk.

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In China, a man was walking down the street when he fell into a hole that suddenly formed on the sidewalk.

Galapagos Islands

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On the Galapagos Islands, a boat sank when a container was loaded. It was carrying 2,200 liters of diesel.

Unable to enter train.

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A man was unable to enter a train RER D train during the strikes and hung on the outside of the train.

Shower alternative.

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A drunk man is entitled to a strong alarm clock! This is very good shower or bathroom alternative in nature!

Top of a skyscraper.

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You have to be completely crazy to get into this ride installed on top of a skyscraper. This is not for each person!

Deer in frozen lake.

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In the Canadian province of Ontario, a man rescued three trapped deer from a frozen lake. It was successfully saved.

5000 euro. Humor.

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This journalist thinks she won 400,000 euros in the Christmas lottery ... when she actually won 5,000 euros. But for us it's also very good)

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